My Story

Hey all! Bri here. Thank you so much for stopping by my Scentsy page! 

Bri's Story: I am a perpetual college student (working on my 6th and probably last year, hooray!) but I most identify with the work I do with animals. I help manage a small, local pet store here in Austin, and my main interest and focus is work with rescues and non-profits. I have two dogs and a cat, all rescues, in my little one-bedroom apartment, which of course is the most notable reason that I became obsessed with Scentsy.

Why Scentsy? With my background in animal care, Cruelty Free is a number one criteria for all the products I buy and use. I've found it can be difficult to narrow down which brands abide by this (and to not spend a fortune on 'em), but Scentsy has made it so much more simple.
Scentsy also donates to charitable causes, which warms my heart. It's so nice to get an adorable warmer that brightens up its surroundings, and fill it with safe, non-toxic waxes that make my little apartment smell like a luxurious home, and know that I'm spreading joy and compassion by using, loving, and talking about these products!
I personally also have many allergies and a weak immune system, and in turn I am very fragrance and chemical sensitive. Scentsy is safe for me to use; I've never had any issues! It's also safe if one of my dogs decides to sneak into my stash and have a cube of wax as a midday snack (yes, it's happened), or if my cat decides she wants to try and push a warmer off the counter. No can do! And if she did, no fire would be involved! 
Gotta love it.

Is joining Scentsy worth it? Oh. My. Goodness. I joined Scentsy not knowing what I was doing, just that I wanted to save money on my wax and washer whiff obsessions. Boy oh boy do I wish I'd taken my sponsor's advice and joined sooner! Scentsy has been invaluable to me. The team of strong, inspirational people that I joined is incredible, and motivates me every day.
Like I mentioned, I'm already in school and have a full-time job. I don't have benefits at those, though, and I don't have the possibility to travel across the world as a reward for hard work.
The extra income has literally helped me pay medical bills. The incentives are mind blowing. The products I get to share are amazing, ethical, and timeless. Scentsy has undoubtedly changed my life for the better.
If my journey sounds like one that you'd be interested in creating for yourself, by all means, LET ME KNOW. I would be humbled and overjoyed to welcome people onto my team! <3

Want to place an order? Check out the site and feel free to give me a shout about what you're interested in or any questions you may have - anytime! I would be honored to help you discover the perfect scent for your home.